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Southern Colorado's Premier Golf Pro Shop


It's not just our Custom Fitting and Customer Service that sets us apart

Your World Golf Custom Fitting is included as a Free Service with your golf club purchase.

PLUS Our Low Price Promise ensures you the best price everyday locally, nationally, or on-line.

We regularly compare our prices on a national basis to maintain our competitiveness, if you find a lower price on identical equipment from a legitimate dealer; World Golf will match the price PLUS We'll still make sure you receive the proper Custom Fitting for your golfing needs. So when you're looking for the apparel and equipment to take your golf game to new heights, look no further than our friendly golf shop. Fully-stocked and staffed by our courteous golf professionals, the Pro Shop at World Golf in Colorado Springs features many of your favorite name brands.




Proprietary Dynamic-DNA club fitting formula

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We Buy and Trade Used Golf Equipment


It is estimated that 24% of the clubs sold online are counterfeit.


World Golf was established in 1977 in Colorado Springs by PGA Professional Mark Fontana with the objective of building an up-scale facility that offered a complete line of golf services and products, with an emphasis on Custom Golf Club Fitting. We are now well known as the “The Custom Fitting EXPERTS”

The next time you’re at the golf course or driving range, take a moment and observe how different each golfer is. Notice their height and size, strength and athletic abilities and especially their totally unique swing characteristics.  Then stop and think how golf clubs are most commonly sold to all these different golfers.  All the different brands and models of golf clubs, sitting in displays, already built to a pre-ordained series of standard specifications determined by each golf club company. It is no different than a shoe store stocked with all the different brands and styles, but only offering their men’s shoes in a size 10 and their women’s shoes in a size 7.
Our retail operation has flourished even while internet and “big-box” retailers have dominated much of the market share. The reason is a our reputation for being the true “Club Fitting Experts”, the unique ability for golfers to actually test all the major brands on our real-grass driving range, our professional fitting staff to support our proprietary Dynamic-DNA club fitting formula, and a nationally competitive Low-Price-Guarantee. It's DEMO Day - EVERY DAY!
A Custom Fitting session at World Golf is working One-on-One with a member of our Professional Fitting Team to analyze your unique swing characteristics and accurately determine the best set of combinations for each club and every category in your bag. With the help of the latest analysis equipment, a member of our Professional Fitting Team will recommend the club specifications that fit YOU. Our outside range, where you can actually see the balls flight, is always available to Test-Drive different brands and specifications so you can see the difference. We are an authorized and certified fitting center for most major golf brands. World Golf welcomes you to learn more about our professional custom fitting experience. Let’s start the conversation today.
We hear often from novice and even intermediate golfers that “I’m not really good enough to benefit from custom golf clubs, It probably wont matter”  Well…   Just let me know how you’re doing with that pair of shoes that almost fits after walking 18-holes…


Let us know when it's time to have a serious conversation about the direction of your game. We are the Club Fitting EXPERTS! Since 1977 we have continually evolved in the development of our proprietary custom fitting formula. Utilizing a unique combination of both static and dynamic measurements complimented by the latest fitting and analytical equipment with the added bonus of testing equipment and results on our real grass driving range. We match golf equipment to the specific needs of each individual golfer.
Each golfer has individual physical and swing characteristics. In a similar fashion, major brands develop distinctive variations to their “standard” products. Consider these differences like personalities. On one hand, club manufacturers have clear understands of what does and doesn't work when it comes to the design and materials used to engineer a golf club, these understandings are also combined with some actual rules of the game. It's on the other hand in which a brands unique personality and marketing target comes into play.
Consider this, it is easily arguable that Taylor Made, Ping, Titleist, and Mizuno are on an equal playing field of measurable qualities. Not one of these brands, or any number of others, has any edge on research development, materials, nor assembly procedures. Yet when we take the individual golfer down to the practice range and compare these different brands they will not perform the same. This is due to the fact that although the differences between brands may not be measurable in actual qualities, once the individual human element is added, a clear and distinct difference may be seen and measured. In other words, it is what you bring to the equation that is either complimented or negated by the personality brought to the table by the manufacturer.


The Interview

During which the fitter identifies your current ball flight tendencies, equipment specifications, likes and dislikes of your current equipment, and your needs and preferences from new equipment. The interview process is ongoing to ensure that your goals are being met through each of the remaining steps.


The Static Fitting

A series of measurements are taken to establish a starting point in the fitting process. For an iron fitting, your height and wrist-to-floor measurement are used to calculate your static lie angle and shaft length, and your hand dimensions are used to calculate your static grip size.


The Dynamic Fitting

During which you hit balls with different models to establish the style of club that best maximizes your power transfer rate. Different shafts are introduced to begin tuning optimal flight characteristics. We will also review ways that your setup and swing affect the position of the clubhead at impact.


Ball Launch Analysis

During this step you will hit balls from the Launch Monitor. The fitter will utilize a variety of clubs with slightly different specifications to isolate each fitting variable and determine the best combination for club length and lie angle, shaft material, flex, and kick-point that gives you the best opportunity to achieve your optimal ball flight conditions.


What if your swing changes over time?

Monitoring your performance is ongoing. The investment in new clubs is intended to play better golf; likewise the goal of your fitting is to match your equipment to your game today with the consideration of where your game should reasonable grow over the next several seasons.


Best of All.

It's not just our service that sets us apart. Your World Golf Custom Fitting is included as a free service with your club purchase. Our Low Price Guarantee ensures you the best price everyday locally, nationally, or on-line. We regularly compare our prices on a national basis to maintain our competitiveness, if you find a lower price on current equipment; World Golf will match the price and still make sure you receive the proper fitting for your golfing needs.


Local, National, or on-line…World Golf is the Best Value in Golf.

Anchor Club Fitting

If you are like most golfers, you have more clubs in your garage, basement or locker than you know what to do with. If you have extra golf clubs that you just don't use anymore, you should let World Golf turn them into CASH or get more and TRADE for something better!
Club values change often and are based on real-time daily sales of used clubs online.  Search for your club(s) by brand and model... it's easy.  World Golf at your choice will Trade or Purchase your clubs from you based on the condition values - either LOW, MID, or HIGH.  Many clubs will fall in the "MID" condition category.  If you are seeking CASH for your clubs, simply downgrade one condition level to determine its cash value.  If your club is not listed in the value guide, or there is no current value available, our staff will be happy to evaluate a proper market value for you.
You can either bring your golf clubs by our location in Colorado Springs, CO or ship them to us.  We will pay for shipping if your club values are over $200.00. Just let us know if you need help to determine your approximate club values. If your clubs qualify for free shipping, World Golf will send you an electronic FEDX shipping label via email.  Simply print the label, pack your clubs well, apply the label, and deliver it to an authorized FEDX drop-off location.
Any club that was originally sold with a headcover, tool, weight-kit, or such should also include such at time of trade. Clubs without such expected items will have the value adjusted respectively.fair value for used golf clubs. Trade with confidence!
The values for Iron Sets are based on 8-piece sets. For example 3-9,Pw, or 4-9,Pw&Gw. World Golf accepts sets with fewer pieces at the same per-piece value provided they are not “broken sets”. In most cases, a minimum of 6 iron through PW are required.
World Golf only accepts authentic equipment, any clubs sent to us that are found to be counterfeit's will not be accepted and we will not cover any  return shipping.
NOTE: We highly recommend cleaning your clubs before shipment! Cleaner clubs often get the benefit of the doubt if they fall between categories.

Club Value Ratings and Conditions:
Clubs in Mint to Excellent Condition have often never been put into play or had very little play. These are often slightly “shop worn” new product coming directly from the golf shop. Looking over the club at address will give you and appear newer than your first practice session or round of golf.
Clubs in Very Good Condition have been well cared for while being played and used under normal circumstances. The markings that you will likely find on Very Good Condition products will show typical wear of models of its age. Clubs in this category. These clubs show typical signs of use, with no dings, skymarks nor excessive wear. Looking over the club at address will appear “good as new”
Clubs in Good Condition have been played frequently. All clubs in Good Condition are in 100% playable condition, as all of the markings will be purely cosmetic blemishes, and in no way will affect performance. Will likely exhibit a combination of light scratching or dings on the face, and or sole, or minimal markings on the leading edge or crown. This is the perfect option for the player looking for more bang for the buck. Looking over the club at address may show minimal signs of use and or blemishes.
Clubs in Fair Condition although entirely playable, have been more heavily played and likely show heavier marks, scratches, skymarks, or “dings”. These clubs have been played, and give the appearance of use, but the integrity or playability of the club has not been compromised. Although clubs in Fair Condition may show significant signs of wear, they are still in very playable condition, and are an exceptional value. Looking over the club at address will show heavier signs of use, but are still a sound tool to get the job done right.
Poor condition clubs are to the point of having little or no value. Though often still playable, these clubs must be reviewed by our staff for estimation of trade or purchase values. Clubs that are “damaged” to a point of affecting play will not be accepted nor will we offer these products to our customers.
Specific club values will be determined by World Golf during our inspection of your clubs.  The following situations can de-value your clubs. 

 *Poor or torn grips  *Missing Headcovers  *Bent, Cracked, or Mismatched Shafts 
 * Heavily worn shafts, cracked or missing ferrules
 * Inferior model or poor workmanship in aftermarket re-shaft jobs
 *Rattles or Dents  *Shorter than OEM standard length


You can trust that we will be fair in determining the true value of your golf clubs.

Anchor Trade

It is estimated that as many as 2 million counterfeit golf clubs are produced each year. To put that number in perspective, if you laid every fake club end-to-end they would stretch from Bethpage Black to Pebbel Beach and back again. That's more than 5000 miles. And that doesn't even take into account the millions of fake balls, bags, gloves, and apparel produced. It's estimated that 24% of the clubs sold online are counterfeit. Fake's are a major problem.
The growth of the internet and rogue websites selling fakes fueled a significant increase in the sale of counterfeit golf products over the last decade. As a result, consumers purchasing golf equipment from unauthorized dealers are often times duped into spending their hard earned money on fake goods.
Don't misunderstand our position. We at World golf do not believe that it takes a major manufacturer to produce a first class high quality golf club. We in fact produce several first class club lines our selves. But, counterfeits are different. When your entire business model is at risk of being shut down and seized at any moment - do you really think they're going to use quality materials. Counterfeits are not just cheating the major brands, they are cheating the golfers that are tricked into purchasing their inferior products.


How can you be absolutely sure that you're not purchasing a counterfeit golf club
Simple... Purchase from an authorized dealer like World Golf.

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